Swedish Family Reunions


Since all four of my grandparents came from Sweden, I have always considered a Swedish-American. Eventually, I did some Internet searching and because I discovered some interesting facts about my familyflags tree I got hooked on tracing my roots. This eventually led to four different trips to Sweden.


During our first trip to Sweden in 1997, Diana and I parked our rented husbil (small motor home) for a couple of nights in the back yard of Inge Svenson in Tvååker, the place where my Mother's parents were from. One evening Inge invited his neighbor Anders Andersson over for coffee. Anders showed us a piece of paper that had a name at the top followed by a row of names, with a column of names under each name. It was a genealogy chart. One of the columns had a man's name with a note 'left for America' and the column was empty. This man was my mother's father. Anders was pleased that I was able to fill in that part of the genealogy record. He also announced that the Swedes and Americans had been having reunions every three years alternating between Sweden and the USA. The next reunion was planned for the following summer in Sweden, and we were invited. This was our introduction to a large number of Swedish and American cousins, and our first knowledge of how the Andersson Family Reunions came about.

The 1989 Andersson Family Reunion
John Andersson - Sioux Indian Photographer
John Anderson Bio (in Swedish, use Google Translate if necessary)
Relatives meet photographer through collection
Link to YouTube video of 2011 Reunion Trip

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