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The learnatlenshamn collection includes links to written and video tutorials created by Len Nasman.

Len Nasman, PhD, has adapted his friendly learn-by-doing approach, originally developed for creating instructional books and videos for teaching new users how to use Computer Aided Design software, to basic instructions for people who want to learn how to do word processing using LibreOffic Writer, and create drawings and enhance photos using Paint Shop Pro.

Len’s CAD books and videos have been used by schools and universities as well as individual engineers, technicians, and architects around the world. Len’s YouTube video demonstrations of Microsoft’s Paint 3D and Corel’s Paint Shop Pro have received over 60,000 views.

Len is now applying a lifetime of experience as a teacher and author to helping people develop newlen computer skills.

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More of my tutorials can be found on the Bristol Village Computer Club Schoolhouse web page. BVCC Schoolhouse
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