Computer Club Presentations

Len has been called on a number of times to make presentations to the Bristol Village Computer Club where Len serves as the technical support person. The Bristol Village Computer Club maintains a large room in the Glenn Activity Center. Len has helped to install and maintain a significant collection of computer-related equipment.

There are a dozen computers connected in an internal network to monochrome and color laser printers. There are special workstations for document scanning, video editing, audio editing, and 35mm slide scanning. A second room serves as a workshop where Len and his friends repair computers for Computer Club members.

Len, along with several other computer club members, edits DVD videos from the weekly Enrichment Hour and Vespers programs. DVD copies are made availble through the Nook, the resident operated arts and crafts store.

The Computer Club has monthly meetings in the Glenn Center auditorium. Meetings are broadcast to Bristol Vollage homes through closed circuit TV and are recorded on DVD. Here are links to YouTube videos of some of Len's computer club presentations.

Digital Camera Basics

Creating Greeting Cards

Len's Warped Computer History

Computer Music Using Sibelius Software

Mouse Tricks and Tips

Modern Tech Support (Follies Skit)

Len's Retirement Secrets

Retirement Secret, Part 1

Retirement Secret, Part 2


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